Monday, February 16, 2015


Titled PECORINO and PECORINO FAMILY this piece is a single improvisation consisting of a session of 23 improvisations of different durations slighly overlayd at ends while arranged in order. I tried to keep less then 4 parts at a time when I mastered the tracks, but much of which goes in duets or even solos, like the long percussion solo.

The instrumentation is: 12edo electric guitar, 19edo electric guitar, 50-string Kantele, Voice, Percussion, and 12edo steel string guitar. There is no bowing, which is atypical of my normal style.

Here are two images to clarify what I mean, part of the way I work is to plan ahead while I make something now, this way I am able to think structurarly of overlaying lines while I imrpvovise. I trie to keep my eye on a watch as well, but not always. Of course between the actual recorded fragments, I rehearsed some parts more and some not at all:

I recently decided to start make public these strands which I normally don't but that I use for my compositional process. Here these strands take center stage and combine with an obsession I had when I was living on campus at Brunel University on a three part improvised form for guitar you can listen to here:

Here I managed finally to splinter the center part into self sufficient fragments. When I was playing it everyday I failed to see that the solution is instrumentation. This way the sonic transformation which I have tried to create between every track can extend beyond the sound world of the guitar until it folds back into itself at the end, but this time with the acoustic.

Everything was played and recorded on the 16th of February 2015 from 11am to 2pm.

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